Superman Collar in the making

Hello friends, one of the projects I have been working on is this Superman collar.  I have had this in mind for a while, and with the support of a customer I have turned it into fruition.  I will be making this one in the traditional Superman colours of red and blue with nickel and steel hardware of course.  I will also be making a black Superman collar, and for all those familiar with the comic book hero, this represents his dark side.  Stay in tune as I will be doing another contest give-a-way next month, and you guessed it...I will be giving away the black Superman collar, tailor made to fit your dog's measurements.  You will have to join the Oli Collars, hand crafted leather dog collars, facebook page for contest details next month.

This collar is 2.25 inches wide, with nickel stud work, 3 inch center piece superman logo, and 4 oz yellow leather lining.  2 strap to buckle, and dee ring for tie down, and leash walking.  Custom tailored to suit your dog.

I use 2 layers of leather here to make the logo, this is to add some dimension, and most importantly, for durability.