Argentinian Dogo Collar

I was commissioned to make a collar after the Argentinian flag for a female dogo.  I designed this particular piece with the intention of capturing the flag and harmonizing it onto a handmade leather dog collar.  This has great antique/Victorian studs all down the blue edging of the collar with sunburst rivets surrounded by small studs on hand cut, painted leather, and sealed in sapphire blue.  The center piece is a great sunburst design in solid brass with a strong center O-ring.  Two solid brass buckles at 3/4 inches form straps that run the entire length of the collar.  The dogo has a nice long neck so it can support this 3 inch wide collar that tapers down to 2.5 inches under the throat with ease.   This one of a kind piece can be viewed here, or you can check out many other pieces of my work here.  I accept paypal, money order, postal money gram or wire transfer.  Please feel free to email me with any questions;

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