The King's Own

The 'KING'S OWN', this piece is going to the Mastiff National Specialty-I dedicated a lot of English and British influence on this piece to make it suitable to the Mastiiff and even Bull Mastiff.  Every piece was modified to fit, center piece is of a heraldic type lion, I positioned a crown, and an English/St. George pin crest.  The brass center plate was hand cut to give it a medieval touch.  I mounted rampant lions on hand cut crested leather.  I also designed a British flag leather crest, and mounted a Manchester Coat of Arms, and not to forget the charabs that adorn in between the crests.  Totally United Kingdom on this collar.  This piece is approximately 3.5 inches wide, there is also a 2.5 inch version at the bottom of the page in black leather with tight red edge rolls.