Caserta Collar

Caserta Collar: At the Royal Palace of Caserta, the Fountain of Diana and Actaeon was commissioned in the 1700's. During this time period, the dogs of Actaeon, were characteristic of the dogs of that era. The leather vraccale collar on the corso type molosser, was the typical neck piece used in the time period. This piece represents a typical collar of that era. On this collar I used a rich mohoghany dye that I oil rubbed, and waxed, it brings out the antiquity of the brass and era. It is 2.5 inches wide which was typical of the hunting collars. This piece will be available on my etsy site:  The story was that Actaeon stumbled across the sacred huntress queen while she was bathing.  In anger Diana turned Actaeon into a stag.  The hunter Actaeon now turned prey, fled from his pursuing dogs, but Diana's anger was not satisfied until the life was torn from Actaeon.