Love Your Mastiff With a Handmade Leather Dog Collar

Love your Mastiff with one of Oli Collars' handmade leather dog collars.The size and temperament of the English Mastiff has been prized for millennia. Bred by the hundreds for protection, war, and entertainment, this breed has progressed from battlefields and Roman arenas to Mr. Mertle’s backyard and human hearts around the world. There are many words that adequately describe these massive, beautiful animals. They are brave, loyal, docile (in their adult years), and, above all, dignified, or as dignified as a dog can possibly be with drool dangling from his jowls all of the time.

Mastiffs are a great breed for an individual or a family looking for a mild-mannered, loving dog. Adult Mastiffs are often gentle, so they’re great with kids except for the occasional collision. Did we mention Mastiffs are large dogs? They can weigh between 130 and 220 pounds or more. They eat so much, in fact, that they nearly disappeared during the food shortages of the first two world wars. Fortunately, this distinguished breed has survived thousands of years of dog fighting and war to become the lovable animals we all know today. Mastiffs complete our family units with their gigantic, stubborn, sloppy, and unwavering love.

Show your Mastiff how much you appreciate him or her with one our handmade leather dog collars. At Oli Collars, we believe in the romantic, and what’s more romantic than the love between a man and his Mastiff? What’s better than a 200 pound Mastiff pulling a 120 pound woman through the dog park? We love and appreciate dogs, and our creative designs allow canine companions everywhere to show off their personalities with custom collars and leashes. Let your dog let out his inner beast or her inner queen with a handmade designer dog collar from Oli Collars.