A Look At the Belgian Sheepdog by OLi Collars

Intelligent, watchful and independent. The Belgian Sheepdog has a Sasha Fierce-like attitude and a long, striking black coat to match. Watch this breed whip it's hair back and forth with any job given to them.

Introducing - The Belgian Sheepdog

Also known as the Belgian Groenendael, this breed has a passion for work. Herding, guarding, tracking and obedience. You name it, this breed will clock in early and work overtime.
belgian sheepdog

belgian sheep dogs


Developed in Belgium in the late 1800's, the Belgium Sheepdog is one of four varieties of shepherd dogs. Included in these four variations are The Belgian Groenendael (also known as the Belgium Sheepdog), the Belgian Tervuren, the Belgian Malinois and the Belgian Laekenois.

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The Belgian Sheepdog was primarily developed by breeder Nicolas Rose, whose kennel dates back to 1893. He purchased the breed's foundation dogs, Picard d'Uccle and Petite, which resulted in their offspring becoming the ancestors of today's hard-working Belgian Sheepdogs. The breed acquired its European name from Rose's estate, Chateau Groenendael.

Prized for their versatility, the Belgian Sheepdog swiftly gained popularity. In the early 1900's they were commonly used as police dogs in Paris and New York and were employed alongside customs officers in Belgium.

During World War 1, this breed distinguished themselves by serving as message carriers and ambulance dogs. With their popularity increasing throughout the U.S, the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America was formed in 1919. Remembered for their previous war efforts, they again served as war dogs in World War 2. While the Depression-era did reduce this breed's numbers, they have gradually increased since that time.

belgian  sheepdog

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Washington, D. C.,The National geographic society[c1919]

Today, the Belgian Sheepdog excels at police work, bomb detection, search and rescue and canine performance sports. The Belgian Sheepdog was officially recognised by the AKC in 1912.

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belgian sheepdog

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This breed is a very versatile working guardian who is passionate about its job. Protective of its home and family, they are often aloof with strangers. They are known to be very intense, and can also be dog aggressive with members of the same sex.


belgian sheepdog

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Age - 10 - 14 years

Weight: Male - 55-75 lbs  Female - 40-60 lbs

Height: Male - Approximately 24-26"  Female - Approximately - 22-24"

Coat Colour: Black


Concerns: Seizures, allergies

Life Span: 10-12 years


If you don't want a quarter cup of fur as a common ingredient in your meals, regular brushing and combing will help with the shedding of this breed's double coat.


belgian sheepdog

The Belgian Sheepdog is a high energy breed. Daily strenuous exercise and mental stimulation is needed to help prevent boredom and obsessive behaviours. This breed needs to be challenged mentally, they will also accept a fine game of Backgammon.


belgian sheepdog

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The Belgian Sheepdog is strong-willed and requires vigorous exercise requirements. This breed is exceedingly smart and observant, and normally one step ahead of the game. They have a playful and mischievous character to them, with the line falling somewhere in between Bart Simpson and Harry Potter.

Disclaimer: Before adding a new member to your family, speak with reputable breeders and spend time researching the breed thoroughly.

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