Large Dog Collars were hard to come by in our regional pet stores

Wanting to have a more custom collar for my dog, I embarked on a journey of making some of the most unique dog collars on the market today, have a look through my shop and I'm sure you will agree: Oli Collars

From the Kelowna region in BC, I started making custom dog collars in my basement.

Experimenting with a few early designs: I took to leatherwork quite quickly.  I had always had an artistic background, but never enjoyed other art forms enough to continue as a hobby.  Realising the challenges I was having with my Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff), I decided to experiment with making some dog collars on my own.  Nothing on the market really represented my dog, not his personality, not his culture...just spiked dog collars was all I could find.  

In 2009 I Started OLI COLLARS

Formed in some of the darkest times of my life, I like to think there was a gem that stemmed from that painful time.  Just new to Facebook I decided to showcase some of my work.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I quickly understood the benefit of social media.  Some of my work started to get noticed within my niche, and it confirmed that there were some like-minded people that felt the same way about their dog accessories as I did.  

I started off making uniquely designed dog collars, then I began customising.

Many early variations of collar designs and variations were worked on for countless hours.  As some traction was being gained on social media, I knew that I had to continue to hone my skills, I was fully obsessed and all in.  I can't even recall how many hours I have put in over the years, let's just say that even today it is from 16-18hrs/day.  

I knew making custom leather dog collars was not a scalable business model.

Most of the time I was on my own, you see, leather work is much of a dying trade these days, and there aren't many people that have the experience, nor the willingness to learn.

For many years I struggled to keep up with some of the work, even today, I'm still behind as we speak.  Taking steps in reaching out to other affiliates I now have a small team that helps with the designer dog collar collection  which is a bit more simple compared to my other more speciality pieces such as this Dogue De Bordeaux collar:

dogue de bordeaux dog collar

Over the years I have donated many of my works to various dog shows and, specialities, this helped the brand get some early traction amongst my niche audience.  

We continue to make dog collar designs that are bold and unique

That has become our motto, to capture the spirit of our beloved pets in the form of a unique neck piece that can represent their personalities or heritage.  We continue to expand and innovate new and exciting products for various breeds, from unique dog collars, custom dog harnesses and leashes.

We are grateful to our loyal fans and welcome new admirers with equal care.

green dog collarcopper dog collartartan dog collar

american dog collarplaid dog collar/ tartan dog collar

Batman leather dog collarbatman dog collar