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This particular superhero custom leather dog collar and the harness was a pleasure to make, it had been requested many times over and I finally decided to make one.   

Playing with some design ideas that would be applicable to a dog collar, I finally conceived of something that was going to work.  With the digital design, I then traced the outline of the art onto a damp veg tanned leather piece that I had already shaped for the proper fit of the dog I was going to use as a model for this.  

Carefully going over the leather outline now, I used a swivel knife to then deepen the outline, this way when I went over it with the slanted leather tool and my wooden mallet I created some crevices and texture.  When I was satisfied with the results it was time to move to the next step.Custom Leather Dog Collar, Hulk Dog Collar

Playing with some green dyes and acrylics, I decided on the right shade, things were coming along great, but when I finished dying the dog collar and using an antique black gel coat to get into the crevices of the leather to create shade, I figured there was something missing.  I decided to use a metallic green over the leather dog collar, being very careful to test areas out with very little application at first.  Once I realised the result was exactly what I wanted, I continued applying the metallic to the remaining leather strip.

Carrying this process over to the custom dog harness was a no brainer as the results were fantastic.  The " Hulk" lettering was done in the same fashion, tracing over the outline of the artwork, then swivel knife, then the hand tooling to bring out the texture and deep lines.  I placed all of the elements together on the dog harness template that I use, placing the abs strategically, then the " Hulk " lettering over top.  Custom Hulk Harness and Dog Collar

Once I had the soft leather lining worked and shaped, everything was glued together for the stitching process.  Placing the necessary hardware to shape the leather dog harness and also for buckling the necessary pieces together for perfect integrity and strength.  

The piece was finally finished and not only looked " incredible " but felt amazing to the touch.  This particular custom dog collar and custom Hulk harness were going to a very special and well-known dog aptly named, "Hulk".    You can see more of him on the Dark Dynasty site.


Hulk the Pitbull in Oli Collar Custom Dog Harness Dark Dynasty's Hulk with Oli Collar's custom leather dog harnessThe Hulk wearing a custom leather dog harness from oli collars



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