10 Ways This Leather Collar With Handle is Going To Help With Your Dog

The Leather Dog Collar with Handle is a useful leading and guiding tool.

Brown Leather handle collar design with rolled leather handle.

Black leather handle collar with regular handle

  • Excellent for handlers during training, agitation and bite work.
  • Helps the handler maintain perfect control of the dog during stressful situations such as in crowded areas or busy sidewalks.
  • Gives the public comfort of you having full control of your dog.
  • Excellent close quarter full neck control
  • Helps to train your dog to stay by your side when walking.
  • Prevents your dog from pulling away from you or lag behind
  • Can help reduce usage of pronged metal collars during corrective walking.
  • Comes with a leash ring for quick leash control
  • Classy leather styling with soft leather padding for look, function and comfort for the dog.
  • Reliable control and confidence for prey driven breeds.