$ 420.00

Product Description

This Mastiff Dog Collar is an antique restoration of old and lost methods of building dog collars.

Being fascinated with the antique dog collar of the 'old world' it inspires reaching to the past for inspiration and bringing back lost treasures.

This is more than just a representation of an era, it spawns the imagination of a lost time of bronze, blacksmithing and homesteading.

A time where the function of a collar was as relevant as nobility.

Medeivel attire functioned duties on the homestead, a protective force against pillage on livestock.

This primitive neck piece is designed with a hand-cut brass and forged copper spikes.  The centre is staged with a robust and sturdy ring and curves into a filigree of brass.

The classic black leather adds character and dramatizes the ornate brass workings.

A robust 3 inch (8 cm)  wide neck piece well suited to our molosser friends.