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These Leather Sighthound Dog Collars are specially made for Greyhounds, Whippets, Italian Greyhounds, Afghan hounds and other sighthound breeds.  Not only do these dog collars protect your hound 's neck when they pull, but they are designer, and fashionable. 

The classic designer collars come in some fascinating assortment of colour combinations, this is an ever growing collection and we are happy to take your request today if you have any other styling preferences or special requests we would love to hear your feedback and consideration.

As you know greyhounds, whippets and other sight hounds have a smaller head compared to their neck, we make martingale designs upon request, and again we are working on creating more and more fashionable leather sighthound collars and martingale leather collars for these breeds.  

Our sighthound dog collars have the classical tapering, usually from 2-2.5 inches in width to 1 inch at the buckle, but again we can change that to suit your needs.  We hope you find the right combination of look and functionality, we are very open to your ideas and it is our passion to make a design that you will be happy with.  

 We have a great return policy as well, anytime before the build of your collar you decide to change your mind, well, we offer a fully money back policy.  Let's say your dog gets involved in some rough play and the collar gets a bit mistreated, well, we can fix that for you at no charge...just the shipping cost.