THE DOG COLLAR MUSEUM-In Leeds Castle, 5 centuries of hand crafted dog collars


One of the most unique and fascinating collections of historical dog collars that are known in the world today, with collected pieces that have stemmed the ages.

This fantastic collection of hand-made dog collars that span over five centuries, is on display in a creative presentation.  People young and old enjoy the great craftsmanship of centuries-old.

With over 130 rare and valuable dog collars, from leather to hand worked brass, were discovered in storage and have never been displayed until now.

One of the earliest pieces in the collection dates back to the latter half of the 15th century.  It is a Spanish iron herding mastiff’s collar, used for protection back when wolves and bears were plentiful and roamed throughout Europe. 

In some other collar collections old 16th-century German iron collars with long spikes along with ornate gilt collars worn in the Baroque period, right to 19th-century silver dog collars that were engraved using a chasing method.  20th-century collections display collars from tyres, beads and plastic.

Mrs Gertrude Hunt presented the dog collar collection back in 1977 to the Leeds Castle Foundation dedicated in memory to her husband, John Hunt, historian.  The Hunts were avid collectors of priceless art and antiques, the dog collars, though, were Mr Hunt's true passion.

Mrs Hunt donated more than 60 dog collars from all of Europe, from the 16th century to the 19th.  Since the initial gift from the Hunts, many more donations have come in from various members of the public, Leeds castle has also acquired some collars through purchase.